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This is a true story about a truckdriver in Sweden. This Truckdriver was just a couple
of miles from his destination when he heard a horrid scream and a bump, he immediately
undestood that he had run into some animal. He stopped the car and started scanning the
verge in the direction he came from. And quite soon he found a cat lying around the
bushes. The cat wasnīt quite dead so he stuffed it into a sack and beat it with a shovel.
After a while the cat got quiet, so he put it in the seat next to him, and started his
drive to the nearest police station where he would turn in the dead cat. But after a mile
or so the darn cat started screaming again ,so he took it out and beat it again, then he
looked inside the bag to see if it really was dead, he established that it was. When he
arrived at the police station and was just about to walk inside he saw something stuck to
the grille, it was a dead cat. So now this guy has got two dead cats. one which he
obviously ran over with his truck and one he had beaten to deaf with a shovel, I donīt now
how he explained himself to the police, but he must have felt very ashamed about killing
not one but both of the police chief daugther's cats.

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