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The huge lion was stalking proudly through the jungle when he came upon a leopard. 'Leopard!' snarled the lion menacingly, 'who is the King of the Jungle?' 'You are, Lion!' said the leopard nervously, and slunk away. Further down the jungle path the lion met a monkey. 'Raaaarrrrgh!' roared the lion. 'Monkey! Who is the King of the Jungle?'
'Oh, you are, Lion,' said the monkey, cowering away.

Then the lion confronted an elephant. 'Elephant!' commanded the lion, 'who is the King of the Jungle?'

Without a word the elephant picked up the lion in his trunk and hurled him against a tree; he then picked up the lion again and slammed him down on the ground a few more times before throwing the half-dead lion into a thick bramble patch.

'All right, all right!' mumbled the bleeding, battered lion, 'no need to get cross just because you don't know the answer!'

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