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Little Johnny's class had returned from their summer vacation.
Everybody in the class had to go up to the chalk board to draw
a picture to describe their summer. The first to go was Mindy.
She drew a sail boat on the water and said, "This summer me and
my family rented a boat and sailed all around Newfoundland." The
teacher said, "That is very nice." Next, Little Julie went up to
the board and drew a beach and a big sun. Julie said, "My family
and I went to the beach for the summer." The teacher said that
it must have been fun. Next, it was Little Johnny's turn, so he
approached the board and drew a dot on the board. The teacher
said, "What is that Johnny? Is it a dot or a ball, or what?"
Little Johnny said, "No, that's a period, my sister missed hers
this summer and that's why we didn't have a summer vacation.


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